Tennis For Free Charity

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Tennis For Free Charity

Case Study

A series of forty three 3D scenes were created to illustrate tennis drills for the Tennis For Free Charity. Clear View’s graphic design team flexed their 3D modelling skills to create an eye catching result.  The Tennis For Free charity commissioned Clear View to create a series of 3D modelled graphic scenes to demonstrate tennis drills that the charity endorse to allow tennis coaches to provide more engaging and interesting tennis sessions. You can download the tennis drills from the Tennis For Free Charity website from their Digital Downloads page here.

Clients Comments

I can’t imagine the level of complexity involved in creating 3D scenes and models. Clear View built us an entire set of tennis courts, put people on them hitting tennis balls and did things we just didn’t imagine possible. 3D graphics is certainly something that stands out on a page and we’re thankful to Clear View’s graphics team for this incredible project.

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