Torbay Hip Surgeon

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Torbay Hip Surgeon

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Torbay Hip Surgeon is a website for a consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon based at Mount Stuart and Torbay General hospitals.

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As a surgeon I expect precision and professionalism. I don’t have the time for persistently checking and encouraging companies to do the work that I’m actually paying them to do. The Clearview Webdesign team have been the most friendly and responsive company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Whenever I suggested a change to something on the site I received an e-mail the same day with helpful comments. I am often working late into the night and to my surprise I not infrequently received e-mails from Clearview well after midnight. It’s reassuring to know there are still companies out there that take as much pride in their work and customer service as I do in my practice. I will be recommending this website design company to colleagues without any hesitation at all. Many, many thanks for your excellent work.

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