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Travel Eye

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Clear View were honoured to be given the job of redesigning one of the world’s largest and most popular travel destination guide websites, Travel Eye. The company established in 2004, have been at the top of traevl information publishing for a decade and the re-design required a modern look to attract new audiences. With more than 2000 travel guides and more than 5000 tourist attraction guides, Travelye are a powerhouse in the tourist information sector. With features such as the Trip Ideas Generator, not only does Travel Eye tell you all about the trip you’re about to go on but also gives you ideas for that next travel break.

Clients Comments

It’s been fantastic working with Clear View. This project was huge and very complex and they handled all elements of it with ease. Feel free to contact us via the Travel Eye website and we’ll give you our endorsement firsthand!!” Paul Jessop, Managing Director

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